February 20, 2024

We are pleased to announce that Sr. Carole Langhauser, PHJC began serving as Interim Executive Director of Mission Integration in November 2023.

Sr. Carole previously ministered as Mission Integration Director at St. Joseph Regional Medical Center, Mishawaka, IN. She brings a graduate certificate and fifteen years’ experience working in Mission Leadership. Sr. Carole will be responsible for new coworker orientation in Donaldson and Board formation initiatives with assistance from Sr. Linda Volk, PHJC and Justine Johnson (DEI Executive Director). Her education background in Mission and years of involvement with the St. Joseph Community Health Foundation Mission and Spirituality Committee give her a wealth of experience in this role.

Sr. Carole will be working part-time. Beyond new coworker orientation, her role will be specifically directed as a resource to St. Joseph Community Health Foundation, Sojourner Truth House and HealthVisions Midwest as they transition to self-sustainability and independence. This role is integral to each ministry as they uniquely determine how to integrate the charism of Saint Katharina and the Vision, Mission and Values of the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ into the Boards’ and Ministries’ future governance and operations.

Sr. Carole is already known to most of our ministry leaders and will be connecting with each in the weeks ahead.

Partners in the work of the Spirit!

Provincial Leadership