Ministry Fund Application

Application to the PHJC Ministry Fund

The Poor Handmaid of Jesus Christ Ministry Fund seeks to serve needs of society which are not readily funded. The ministries/projects supported through this fund reflect the type of service which offers direct assistance to the economically poor, seeks to change oppressive structures or enables people-centered development. The PHJC Ministry Fund responds to requests that reflect the spirit of service of St. Katharina Kasper, the mission of the Poor Handmaids and the core values of the Poor Handmaid of Jesus Christ Congregation.

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Email a detailed budget which outlines how these funds will be used to

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Administration of Grant

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A report on the use of the grant funding from the PHJC Ministry Fund is required no later than 12 months after the grant is received.
Reminder to email the same day this application form is submitted:
• Ministry /project budget
• Reference letter