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April 2024: Social Justice

Naming the Pressing Justice Needs of Society Today – Fr. Emeka Obiezu(Required)
Social Justice Today: Inclusiveness – Justine Johnson(Required)
Social Justice Today: Our World in Need – Sr. Eliza(Required)
Social Justice Today: Broadening Our Tent: A Global Perspective – Panel: Fr. Emeka, Sr. Ilsy, Sr. Bindu(Required)

May 2024

Living Courageously Today: Life in Nigeria – Sr. Kelechi, PHJC(Required)
An Attentive Ear and Courageous Heart Today: A Panel of PHJC Wisdom Women(Required)
Sr. Kathleen Quinn, PHJC (95), Sr. Germaine Hustedde, PHJC, (95), Sr. Jolise May, PHJC, Sr. Angela Bianchet, PHJC, (78), Sr. Tomilde, PHJC (78).
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