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The American Province of the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ calls for common sense gun laws in the wake of the school shooting in Uvalde, TX

Sister Inez Wilmering, PHJC

Thursday, 12 May 2022 09:10

Sister Inez Wilmering (Louise), Poor Handmaid of Jesus Christ, died on Tuesday, May 10th at the Catherine Kasper Home, Donaldson, Indiana. She was 99 years of age.

She was born in Mishawaka, IN to Paul and Catherine (Young) who preceded her in death along with her brother John R. Wilmering.

Louise entered the Poor Handmaid Community on December 8,1940 taking the name Sister Inez. She professed her vows on June 25,1943.

Sister Inez’ early ministry was in clerical work at three hospitals. In 1952 she received her nursing degree and served as a nurse and supervisor at various PHJC hospitals. The hospitals included St. Mary Mercy, Gary, IN; St. Mary, East St. Louis IL; St. Joseph, Fort Wayne IN; St. Joseph, Mishawaka, IN. At St. Catherine, East Chicago, IN Sr. Inez was discharge planner and clinical instructor in pharmacology and diabetes. She completed her nursing career at the Catherine Kasper Home in Donaldson, IN from 1977-1985. She then moved on to internal community service being quite adept at wrangling the challenges of Medicare in the business office. Later, she served as a faithful volunteer. She loved God’s beautiful earth and being outdoors. Her garden was her joy!

Sister Inez shared that her call in Baptism gave her the wonderful gift of faith. Faith was her guide and support throughout her 99 years and continued to grow as she experienced God’s love for all of creation.

She officially retired in October 2015 moving to Catherine Kasper Home, Donaldson.

Visitation will begin at 9:30am EDT on Tuesday, May 17 in Catherine Kasper Home chapel, with a reflection and sharing of her life at 10:00am EDT. The Mass of Resurrection will follow at 11:00am EDT with burial in Mt. Carmel Cemetery. Services will be live streamed at

Memorial contributions may be made to the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ, PO Box 1, Donaldson, Indiana 46513 or on

Excerpt from WORN OUT SHOES: Walking in the Wisdom of Saint Katharina Kasper
written by Sister Nkechi Iwuoha | PHJC

The virtue of humility is one of the most outstanding qualities of Saint Katharina Kasper in all her search for the divine will of God. She was committed to God in humility and simplicity of heart. She was truthful and transparent to her Sisters and to God in all her endeavors to promote the reign of God.

The spirit of humility enabled her openness to being the handmaid of the Lord. She listened attentively to the Bishop, the various authorities that the Sisters worked with, to her Sisters and to the spirit of God within her heart. In her work, she had the mind of Christ who humbled himself to do what his Father wanted of him till death. This was exemplified when Saint Katharina took care of children in their homes so that their mothers could have a break or work outside the home to support their family. In all her deliberations with the governmental authority she maintained a humble spirit that respectedand listened to them yet stated clearly and firmly what she needed to continue her mission. She always listened attentively to Bishop Blum and had a humble way of expressing herself without automatically submitting to his words. She obtained the best she could for her Sisters in every negotiation with the authorities. This was also evident in her discussion with Bishop Blum regarding the name to be given to the new congregation. Though he had chosen another title she stated the name she preferred for her congregation with simplicity and respect in the dialogue on this matter with the Bishop. The humble approach she always employed in dialogue teaches us the power of humility, choice of verbal and body language and the respect due when dialoguing with one another. For me it is also a learning that the best opinion may be rejected depending on the spirit with which it is presented.

Please enjoy this small excerpt from Worn Out Shoes written by Sister Nkechi Iwuoha, PHJC. Copies of her book can be purchased at the Lindenwood Retreat and Conference Center’s Christian Book and Gift Shop located at 9601 Union Rd, Plymouth 46563. Hours of operation are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. For additional questions please call 574-935-1780.

"I know no foreign countries and no foreign sisters, there are only Handmaids of Christ, filled with the spirit of their vocation and truly working in blessed ways..."
-Saint Katharina Kasper

The Language Company, located on the IUSB campus in Mishawaka, provides advancement in areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing and looks to be a good fit for her needs at this time. Because of her extended stay till mid-summer, Sister Cailla has the opportunity to complete a number of classes. When Cailla is not in class, she is sharing community life at Sarah House in South Bend with Sisters Connie and Marie. Our days together have been and continue to be filled with laughter, funny stories, tasting chili for the first time, introduction to Brazilian cooking, praying and singing in both English and Portuguese, and conversations that include our favorite APP – Google Translate!

This is such an amazing opportunity for all three of us and for our province – certainly a graced time “to see the other face of God.”
(Antonio M. Pernia, SVD)

“Interculturality must touch every aspect of our Institute’s life. Our understanding of the vows, community, ministry, and our spirituality should be transformed as we engage this process honestly and intentionally… nothing short of a transformation of the heart is required.”
(Sister Teresa Maya, CCVI)

I believe Saint Katharina was on to something when she shared her belief of knowing “no foreign countries and no foreign sisters…” She may not have known the term intercultural living, but she definitely had a vision of how her sisters were to live – with lifegiving hospitality, with mutuality in community living and with openness and appreciation for diversity. We are experiencing all this with our PHJC sister from Brazil.

Bem vinda a casa, Sister Cailla!

By Vanessa del Carmen Vergara Aguilera | Social Worker at Casa Catalina

Casa Catalina, a ministry located in Coatzacoalcos, Mexico is supported by the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ. This ministry, begun in 2012, provides temporary shelter to those most in need of healthcare services. Created and identified as a safe, caring place, it possesses all the means necessary to accommodate patients from a day up to several years. Most patients who come to Casa Catalina are suffering from chronic illness or physical trauma. However, emerging social problems such as migration, homelessness and domestic violence have brought people from all over to the doors of Casa Catalina.

Casa Catalina serves persons who have been abandoned by family and society and do not have the economic resources to cover their basic needs. Our mission is to conserve their physical, mental, and psychological stability. Our donors are critically important to this ministry by ensuring that we are able to care for all who need our services.

At Casa Catalina we make an impact on the lives of our patients, but we are also touched by those in our care. A patient, an older gentleman by the name of Manuel Rodriguez Gonzalez, was referred to Casa Catalina by a local hospital. Through our ministry he found the help and compassionate care he needed from our nurses and volunteer doctor, Sister Frances Gallinatti, PHJC, all of whom were attentive to his progress, especially since he had no family to tend him.

Manuel was a patient at Casa Catalina for more than two years. In July of last year when we celebrated his birthday it also happened to be Grandparents Day. Manuel loved sharing his birthday and being a grandfather to all those who had the privilege of knowing him. After some ups and downs in his health, Manuel passed away January 4, 2022. A man of character and faith, our Grandfather Manuel, trusted in God’s providence right up to his last moments. He will always be remembered with love by every single one of us.

“Casa Catalina is a place where we offer human warmth, care, attention, respect, tolerance, and love without distinction, and we definitely receive it in return. A prime example of this was our patient and friend Manuel Rodriguez Gonzalez whose memories, blessings, love, affection, and moments of joy were transmitted to us and remain in our hearts,” said Nurse Maria Elena Sanchez Cruz.

Nurse Lesvia Leon added, “Manuel died leaving great sadness in our hearts, but also left us with the message that life is to be embraced and enjoyed despite adverse circumstances and illnesses that can appear in any of our lives. We say to this wise, cheerful man of strong character, may he rest in peace and may God receive him into glory.”

To make a gift to Poor Handmaid ministries in Mexico visit

We Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ of the American Province stand in solidarity with our sisters and brothers of Ukraine who are facing the unprovoked terrors of war.

Sister Antoinette Volk, PHJC

Wednesday, 05 January 2022 12:21

January 15, 1922 – January 1, 2022

Sister Antoinette (Marie) Volk, Poor Handmaid of Jesus Christ, died at 99 yrs old on January 1, 2022 at the Catherine Kasper Home, Donaldson, Indiana. She was just 2 weeks away from her 100th birthday.

Born to Anton and Catherine (Kuenstler), Wendelin, IL she was preceded in death by her parents along with her brothers Virgil, Anton, Don, Louis and her sister, Sr. Loretta Volk, PHJC. She is survived by her sister Ethel Zwilling.

Sister Antoinette entered the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ September 8, 1943 and professed her vows June 25, 1946.

Sister Antoinette began her ministry in the dietary departments at Angel Guardian Orphanage, St. Mary’s School Carlyle IL, St. Mary’s Hospital East St. Louis IL, and St. Joseph Hospital Fort Wayne IN. Beginning in 1960 she held dietary supervisory positions at Convent Ancilla Domini in Donaldson IN, St. Mary’s Hospital Gary IN, and St. Augustine Convent Chicago IL. In 1990 she became the Coordinator of Hospitality for the United Family Center, Chicago IL. and transitioned in 1996 as a companion to the elderly from Saint Peter and Paul parish Chicago IL. Sister Antoinette considered each new mission a new beginning and in it she made love visible. Sister’s daily living was a prayer of loving service which she offered up for each person. Before Sr. Antoinette left her last mission and retired, the presenter at her farewell expressed the sentiments of so many people: “We are humbled by her gift of prayer and the beauty of her complete trust in God not on a day-to-day basis, but, minute-by-minute.”

Sister Antoinette officially retired to the Catherine Kasper Home, Donaldson, IN on July 1, 2001. Even in retirement she continued to serve by caring for the other sisters and residents at Catherine Kasper Home. She also designed and sewed baby quilts and comforters, selling or gifting to those in need, and her creations were always admired and appreciated.

Visitation and Services will be held at Ancilla Domini Chapel in Donaldson, Indiana.
Visitation on Tuesday, January 4, 2022 (4:30 – 8:00 p.m. EDT); Prayer Service (7:00 p.m. EDT)

Visitation on Wednesday, January 5, 2022 (10:00 – 11:00 a.m. EDT ) followed by the Mass of Resurrection and burial in Mount Carmel Cemetery, Donaldson, Indiana.

Memorial contributions may be made to the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ, PO Box 1, Donaldson, Indiana 46513 or on

In Memory of Sister Mary Kevin Ryan, PHJC

Monday, 22 November 2021 14:53

Sister Mary Kevin Ryan (Sarah), Poor Handmaid of Jesus Christ, died on Friday November 19 at the Catherine Kasper Home, Donaldson, Indiana. She was 90 years of age.

She was born in Gary, IN to William Thomas and Sarah Ann (Cross) who preceded her in death along with her siblings Bernard Ryan, Mary Margaret Smith and Betty Honkoski. Sister is survived by many nieces and nephews.

Sister Mary Kevin entered the Poor Handmaid Community on December 7, 1949 and professed her vows on June 25, 1952.

Sister Mary Kevin graduated from Alverno College in Milwaukee WI. She was an educator from 1952-1966 and served at St. Augustine Chicago IL; St. Monica Mishawaka IN; St. Henry Chicago IL; and Angel Guardian Orphanage Chicago IL. She then moved into the clerical ministry at St. John Belleville IL; St. Mary Mercy Hospital Gary IN and at several hospitals in the Chicago IL archdiocese. She loved music. She was a member of the choir at St. Bartholomew Parish and taught guitar at Our Lady of Victory, St. Bartholomew and St Mathias Parishes in Chicago from 1979 until 2018.

She officially retired to Catherine Kasper Home in 2018 at The Center in Donaldson, IN.

Welcoming of Sr. Mary Kevin to the Ancilla Domini Chapel will be held on Monday November 29 at 9:00 a.m. followed by visitation, storytelling at 10:00 a.m. and private viewing by family at 10:30 a.m. The Mass of Resurrection will be celebrated at 11:00 a.m. (EST). All are invited to stay for lunch after the Mass. For those that are unable to attend in person, the Mass of Resurrection will be livestreamed at

Memorial contributions may be made to the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ, PO Box 1, Donaldson, Indiana 46513 or on

You’ll find additional content and an inside look into Poor Handmaid ministries. You can also find the digital version of the Summer 2022 Word Gathering.

Sister Joetta Huelsmann, PHJC

I train people to be spiritual companions who are also known as spiritual directors and spiritual guides. One of the units we spend time on is Self-Care which is important during this pandemic. When I see my own spiritual director, he usually begins with this question. “How is it with your soul?” This is a good question for all of us. Can we slow down enough to know how our relationship with the Divine is effecting our life. In spiritual care we look at the whole person so even our mental and physical being is important since we relate with our whole self. It is primary to care for our self.

In the course the person we look to as an example is Jesus and how he cares for himself. A prayer life was important to him. He went to the garden to pray. (Lk. 22:39-42) He also went to the mountains and hills and the synagogue to pray to pray.( Mt. 14:23 & Lk. 4:14-19) This prayer life nurtured him. We need to ask ourselves: What can I do to establish a regular prayer life for myself?

Jesus also cherished solitude. He was led into the desert to pray. (Lk. 4:1) When he heard of his cousin John’s death, he went to a lonely place by himself. (Mt. 14:13). For myself during COVID walking through the woods gave me that solitude. It enabled me to let go of whatever was on my mind and be in the present. I could take in the smell of the forest, listen to the birds sing and delight in the beauty of the wildflowers. Nature has a way of calming us. I would encourage you to find some places of solitude for yourself.

Jesus also took time for rest. He allowed himself to fall asleep in the boat. (Mt. 8:24) How can you take more time out for rest? It has been proven that even a short nap can refresh us and make us more productive.

Healthy intimacy with others was also something Jesus modeled. He ate with a Pharisee. (Lk. 7:36). He spent time with Martha, Mary, and Lazarus his friends. (Lk. 10:38) Yes, it was difficult to meet face to face during COVID, but many people were engaged with others through phone calls and zoom. Healthy intimacy can be a support.

The ability to deal with emotions is important as well. Jesus wept at Lazarus death. (John 11:35-36) He expressed healthy anger with the merchants in the temple. (John 2:15). Sometimes just talking through some of our deep feelings with another can be helpful in getting our emotions out there.

Celebrations and leisure were also important to Jesus. He went to a wedding feast. (John 2:2) He allowed the children to come to him. (Lk. 18:16) Leisure is just as important as work, it refreshes us again. We need to build time in our calendars for those things we enjoy.

If nothing else works there is nothing shameful about going to a counselor for our mental and emotional health. It is important to remember that we are all in this together, so don’t be afraid to ask for help.

PHJC Volunteers Summer 2021

Thursday, 08 July 2021 13:32

Word Gathering (Summer 2021)

Friday, 02 July 2021 09:55

In Memory of Sister Florence Kuhn, PHJC

Wednesday, 26 May 2021 11:05

Sister Florence Kuhn (Sister Virginice), Poor Handmaid of Jesus Christ, died on May 25, 2021 at the Catherine Kasper Home, Donaldson, Indiana.

She was born in Quincy, IL on June 16, 1923 to Theodore and Anna (Kroeger) who preceded her in death along with her brothers Albert, John, Clarence, and Carl and her sisters Virginia and Esther. She was the sixth of seven children. She is survived by her sister-in-law Margie Kuhn and several nieces and nephews.

Sister Florence entered the Poor Handmaid Community in 1941 taking the name Sister Virginice. Sr. Florence professed her vows on June 25, 1944.

Sister Florence graduated with a B.S. in Humanities at Loyola University, Chicago, IL and received her Master’s degree in Special Reading from Cardinal Stritch College. Her primary ministry for 43 years included assignments for St. Augustine, Chicago, IL; Angel Guardian Orphanage, Chicago, IL; St. Mary’s Edwardsville, IL; Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Hammond, IN; St. John’s Belleville, IL; Germantown Elementary, Germantown, IL; St. Mary’s Mt. Carmel, IL and St. Mary’s East Chicago, IN. Semi retirement provided time for her to be a Sister Hostess at St. Mary Medical in Gary, IN and then for Pastoral Care activities at St. Vincent’s Nursing Home in Quincy, IL.

No life story would be complete without acknowledging that Sister was a diehard Cardinal baseball fan. Visitors to her room might readily conclude that was so true when viewing walls, mementos and often her clothing. Her excitement with the Cardinal teams passed onto others most especially to those when she ministered when she was close to St. Louis not so much the Chicago area!

She officially retired on February 17, 2013 and moved to Catherine’s Cottage and then moved to the Catherine Kasper Home at the Center of Donaldson, IN.

Visitation will be held at the Ancilla Domini Chapel at the Center of Donaldson, IN on Friday, May 28, 2021 from 9:30 am to 11 am ET. The Mass of Resurrection will follow in the Chapel at 11:00 am ET and burial will follow the Liturgy in Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Donaldson, IN. The services will be livestreamed beginning at 11:00 am ET:

Memorial contributions may be made to the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ, PO Box 1, Donaldson, Indiana 46513 or on

You may recall that following the murder of George Floyd, the PHJCs as a member of the Coalition on Corporate Responsibility of Indiana-Michigan...

As members of LCWR, the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ support this statement.

Word Gathering (Spring 2021)

Wednesday, 07 April 2021 17:05

April 7, 1927 - October 26, 2020

Strengthened by the Holy Sacraments, Agatha DeBrock, Associate from Leopold, Missouri, passed peacefully into the arms of Jesus on Monday, Oct. 26, 2020.

Born Agatha Bernadine Tenholder to Martin and JoHannah Tenholder April 7, 1927, she was the third of six children. As a child, she loved swinging on the barn swing, the outdoors and her family. Agatha graduated from St. Mary's High School in 1946. She met her future husband, Edward DeBrock, at a dance where he was playing music. They married on August 27, 1947. From their union, they were blessed with four children, Elaine, Philip, Debbie and Kathy, all living in Leopold; nine grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren.

Agatha celebrated her thirty-third year as a Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ Associate this year. She is survived by a sister, Juliana Elfrink, also a PHJC Associate. Together as Associates, they often worked side by side with the PHJC Sisters who ministered in Cairo, IL. They would meet them for dinner or offer their summer cottage as a place to find rest from their ministries. Agatha was a faithful member of St. John's Catholic Church in Leopold. She was a past president of the Legion of Mary, past president of the Ladies Sodality, a Parish School of Religion teacher since 1953 and a proud Red Cross volunteer. Her Catholic faith meant everything to her.

Agatha joins her parents; four siblings; her husband; her son, Philip and two grandchildren, Christopher and Jessica in heaven.

The Funeral Mass was held on November 2, 2021 at St. John’s Catholic Church with the Rev. David Coon officiating.


March 22, 1931 - November 1, 2020

Richard "Dick" Mitchell, Sr. age 89, of Quincy passed-away peacefully surrounded by his children. Dick was born in Mifflin County, PA on March 22, 1931, a son of John Henry and Florence May (Lynch) Mitchell. He married Barb Mason on June 21, 1952 in Quincy's St. Boniface Catholic Church and she survives. Dick was the father of seven sons and ten daughters; grandfather of sixty-eight; great grandfather of seventy; and great great grandfather of six.

Dick served his country as a member of the U.S. Army. He worked at Gardner Denver for twenty-three years prior to his retirement. He was devout Catholic who was actively involved at the former St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, serving as a Eucharistic Minister for several years and was part of the Over-the-Hill Gang. He was an Associate of the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ for twenty-six years, he volunteered as a member of the St. Vincent Home Auxiliary, he had membership in the Knights of Columbus and W.C.U. Dick participated in Teens Encounter Christ, Quest, Cursillo and Residents Encounter Christ.

Dick liked camping and being outdoors. He had been active with both the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts. He was known as Smokey the Bear at Camp Saukenauk, and he enjoyed his Boy Scout trips and canoeing.

He worked hard to provide for his family instilling in his children the ethic of hard work by his example.

A Mass of Christian Burial was held November 6, 2020 at in St. Francis Solanus Catholic Church. Interment in Calvary Cemetery.


January 14, 1941 - September 25, 2020

Rita T. Nordhaus, age 79, of Germantown, passed away Friday, September 25, 2020 at her home.

She was born January 14, 1941 in Trenton, the daughter of the late Henry and Elizabeth Nordman, Fischer. In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by a brother, Rev. Henry J Fischer; and brothers-in-law, Larry Theising, Von Wheeler, and Arlo Millican. Surviving are her husband Franklin Nordhaus of Germantown, whom she married October 12, 1965. Rita was the mother of three and grandmother of three.

Rita formerly worked at Germantown Trust and Savings Bank in Bartelso and Community Bank of Trenton. She was a member of St. Boniface Catholic Church and Altar Sodality in Germantown, Mater Dei Mothers and Friends, former religion teacher, Girl Scout Leader, and Boy Scout Den Mother. In addition, Rita volunteered at Aviston Countryside Manor; was the dining room hostess at the church picnic for many years; and was an avid blood donor. She enjoyed playing cards, traveling, playing jokes on her family at Christmas, going to her grandchildren’s sporting events, and spending time with her family. Per her fellow PHJC Associate and friend, Kit Timmerman, Rita was always an optimist, and she spent much time praying. She said Rita loved going out to eat with friends, especially a group of friends that all attended Ancilla Domini. This year Rita was honored for her 10th anniversary as a PHJC Associate.

Memorial Mass was held September 30, 2020 at St. Boniface Catholic Church in Germantown with Rev. Adrian Fischer and Rev. James Buerster concelebrating. Interment followed in St. Boniface Cemetery, Germantown.

Join us on August 15, 2021 at 10 a.m. EDT, as we celebrate...

In Memory of Sister Agnes Muehlenfeld, PHJC

Monday, 11 January 2021 12:03

Sister Agnes Muehlenfeld (Joan), Poor Handmaid of Jesus Christ, died on January 7, 2021 at the Catherine Kasper Home, Donaldson, Indiana.

She was born in Quincy, Illinois on June 17, 1928 to Arthur and Caecilia (Broemmel) who preceded her in death along with her brothers James, Arthur and Joseph and her sisters Virginia Muehlenfeld, Rita Schulte and Milly Bruce. Sister was the sixth of seven children.

Sister Agnes entered the Poor Handmaids at the age of 18 in 1946. She professed her vows on June 25, 1949. Her ministry included time in Gary, IN and Milwaukee, WI. In both of these missions, she was a house Sister and cared for the needs of the Sisters who lived there. Sister’s longest ministry for 50 years was at the PHJC Motherhouse in Donaldson, IN. The Sisters lovingly recall that part of her ministry consisted in playing jokes on people. She considered this as her “hobby.” Sister lived her life of innocent fun, but Sister felt the favorite part of being a sister was the service she was able to offer to God for many years and the great graces she received in that service.

She officially retired on July 4, 2017 when she moved to the Catherine Kasper Home.

A private visitation will be held at the Ancilla Domini Chapel at the Center of Donaldson, IN on Friday, January 15, 2021 from 9:30 am to 11 am EST. The Mass of Resurrection will follow in the Chapel at 11:00 am EST and burial will follow the Liturgy in Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Donaldson, IN. The services will be livestreamed beginning at 11:00 am EST:

Memorial contributions may be made to the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ, PO Box 1, Donaldson, Indiana 46513 or on

In Memory of Sister Margaret Urban, PHJC

Monday, 11 January 2021 10:23

Sister Margaret Urban (formerly Sister Raymond), Poor Handmaid of Jesus Christ (PHJC) died on January 5, 2021 at the Catherine Kasper Home, Donaldson, Indiana.

She was born in Wanlock, Iowa to Thomas and Mary (Slahta) who preceded her in death along with her brothers Bill, Thomas and Frank McEllis and her sisters Leona Vilianoff and Marie Spencer. She was the oldest of 6 children. Sister Margaret is survived by several nieces.

Sister Margaret entered the Poor Handmaid Community on December 1, 1942 taking the name Sister Raymond and professed her vows on June 25, 1945.

Sister Margaret received her B.A. from Alverno College Milwaukee WI and her Master’s degree from St. Mary College Winona MN. She was a Teacher/Principal for her initial years in ministry. She ministered at St. Augustine Chicago IL; St. Joseph Mishawaka IN; Angel Guardian Orphanage Chicago IL; St. Boniface Edwardsville IL; St. Monica Mishawaka IN; and St. Mary’s East Chicago IN. In 1987 she joined the community at St. Catherine of Siena Convent and for 18 years she provided Parish Ministry specifically to shut-ins. In 2005 she moved to the PHJC Motherhouse in Donaldson IN and provided community service. Sister was a witty conversationalist and had a wonderful sense of humor. She was an endearing friend and advocate for the elderly. Most especially Sister enjoyed her moments spending time before the Blessed Sacrament.

Sister Margaret lived for 2 years at Catherine’s Cottage and in 2015 she moved to the Catherine Kasper Home at the Center of Donaldson, IN.

A private visitation will be held at the Ancilla Domini Chapel at the Center of Donaldson, IN on Monday, January 11, 2021 from 9:30 am to 11 am EST. The Mass of Resurrection will follow in the Chapel at 11:00 a.m. EST and burial will follow the Liturgy in Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Donaldson, IN. The services will be livestreamed beginning at 11:00 am EST:

Memorial contributions may be made to the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ, PO Box 1, Donaldson, Indiana 46513 or on

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