Life Skills for Mission Evaluations 2024

Monthly Evaluations

Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the presentations. Your feedback assists us with planning.

January 2024

Integral Ecology Through the Eyes of Nigeria Sr Salem Bisong, PHJC(Required)
Integral Ecology – Matthew Celmer(Required)
Integral Ecology Through the Eyes of India – Sr. Roshni, PHJC(Required)
Integral Ecology for PHJCs – Srs. Linda Volk, PHJC and Kathy Haas, PHJC(Required)

February 2024

The Emergent Future of Religious Life: What we have learned – Sr. Linda Buck, CSJ(Required)
Emergent Future of Religious Life: A Global Perspective – Sr. Teresa Maya, CCVI(Required)
Emergent Future of Religious Life: Spirituality Needed – Sr. Jacqueline Igete, PHJC(Required)
Leadership Skills Needed for the Future of Religious Life – Sr. Linda Buck, CSJ(Required)

March 2024

Psychosocial Development and the Call to Growth – Sr. Sabitha, PHJC(Required)
Psychosocial Development: Establishing Healthy Boundaries – Mary Worden, Psy.D.(Required)
Psychosocial Development: Accountability as a Gift for Growth – Justine Johnson(Required)
LSM Group Gathering – The Leader for the Future: What Leadership Qualities are Needed for the Future of Religious Life? – Sr. Lynn Levo, CSJ, Ph.D.(Required)

Personal Commitment Feedback

Six (6) Reflection Groups or Large Group Gatherings occurred during these three months. How many did you successfully attend? Please indicate the number you full attended.(Required)
Please rate your personal level of commitment to this program. This means I prioritize my time, do not let anything interfere, and make sure that I join the meeting on time with my Sisters.(Required)
The Design Team, Srs. Flora, Roshni, Sabitha, Nkechi and Michele