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September 2023

September 6 – Getting Really Good at Zoom – Victor Ramon(Required)
September 13 – Zoom Features, Leaders, Online Etiquette – Victor Ramon(Required)
September 20 – Problem-Solving My Tech – Brooke LaBere(Required)
September 27 – Powerful PowerPoint Presentations – Sr. Michele, PHJC(Required)

October 2023

October 4 – Overview of Intersection of Mission and Politics – Sr. Nkechi(Required)
October 11 – Implications of Politics on Health Service and Patient – Sr. Chinenye Lumenze(Required)
October 18 – Implications of Politics on Access to Education – Fr. Barthaleme Bazemo(Required)
October 25 – Implications of Politics and Creating Economic Wealth – Sr. Nkechi(Required)

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