Vocation Prayer

The Ancilla Domini Chapel, Donaldson, Indiana.

Prayer for Today’s Servant

God, you are the source of my life and my desire to follow you. Sometimes there is so much noise inside and all around me, it is difficult to listen as Mary, the Mother of Jesus did.

Quiet my heart, so I am able to reflect on how much you love me. Help me recognize your presence now.

When I am afraid, help me trust you as Mary did. Let your Spirit fill me and set my heart on fire. May I, like Mary, respond with “yes” to be your servant in this day and this age.

Guide my heart as I grow in life. Let me share your love with all the people I encounter, especially my neighbor in need.

Help me believe NOTHING is impossible for You, My God.

I rejoice in you and how you love through me. Keep me centered in you as I make the small choices of each day and the bigger choices of my life.


(Based on the Gospel Passage: Luke 1:26-56)

For vocation information contact Sr. Connie Bach, PHJC
at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (574) 340-6409