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Lay AssociatesAnother way to follow Saint Katharina's charism is to become an Associate. Katharina's compassionate service and humble spirit attracted others to join her in God's work. In that same rippling pattern, men and women today are called to share the charism of Saint Katharina Kasper.

The Associates began in the American Province in 1983. It grew out of the desire of individuals who wanted to deepen their relationship with the mission and spirit of the Poor Handmaids.

Following a 6-12 month formation program, baptized adults, married or single, make a non-vowed commitment with the Spiritual Family of Katharina for mutual spiritual enrichment, development of community and the promotion of service. Associates live this commitment through their chosen way of life.

Over the years the Associate Community has grown, enriching the life and ministry of the Spiritual Family of Katharina. Every two years Associates and PHJC Sisters gather at the PHJC Ministry Center to celebrate and enrich their spirituality.

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Associate-LogoThe Associate symbol is an adaptation of the Poor Handmaid American Sisters’ community symbol. The Associate Community is expressed in its shared meaning.

As a spiritual symbol water is identified with baptism, linked to Christ in parables of service and joy. Water inspires us to reflection and meditation, becoming part of our living prayer.

As the Associates symbol, a rippling pool captures the broad impact created by a small force. And so it is within our ministry and all parts of our lives. Each action makes a difference. The energies of the small force flow outward to become part of something bigger before returning to us.

We move with the flow of life to do our work from our Christ-centered belief in the impact of love on the world.

Associate Community Mission Statement

 Lay Associates

Associates are baptized adult men and women, called by the Holy Spirit to share with others the charism of Saint Katharina Kasper, the Foundress of the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ. We do this by listening carefully to the Holy Spirit, by acting courageously with compassion in our vocations, and through joyful service to our families, neighbors, communities, and the underserved. As Associates in the Spiritual Family of Katharina, we embrace the core values of community, dignity and respect for all, simplicity, and openness to the spirit.

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