Ministry Today

Poor Handmaids today walk in the footsteps of their foundress, Blessed Catherine Kasper. (Catherine Kasper’s shoes)

Ministry is an essential aspect of being Christian, an expression of a person’s faith through the use of his/her gifts in service to others.

The Poor Handmaid of Jesus Christ charism, which impels us to follow our attentive listening with courageous action of the mind, hands, and heart, is a summons to live our baptismal call to ministry to its fullest. All those in kinship with this charism are committed to expressing their faith through lives of ministry and are faithful to the spirit of the foundress, Blessed Catherine Kasper. Principles of PHJC Ministry

  • PHJC Ministry serves all, regardless of race, creed, sexual orientation, disability, church affiliation or social status.
  • PHJC Ministry reaches out to the needy, especially the poor.
  • PHJC Ministry promotes the dignity of the individual.
  • PHJC Ministry responds to the needs of the times.
  • PHJC Ministry is grounded in a spirit of service.
  • PHJC Ministry is carried out in collaboration with others.
  • PHJC Ministry is attentive and wise in its use and care for all its resources.
  • PHJC Ministry fosters a sense of balance and harmony in relation to creation.