Latest News

Latest News

Word Gathering (Winter 2016)

Thursday, 29 December 2016 12:53


  • Blessed Catherine Kasper Award Honor
  • College Thanks Donors
  • Student Realizes the Dream
  • Music Gives New Look on Life
  • Fire and Land Stewardship: Burning Questions
  • Lindenwood Presents New Collaborative Leadership Program to Help Gather the Lost Sheep
  • Filling Empty Bowls
  • Coming Home: Are you Jesus?
  • Sister Mary Carolyn Welhoelter Remembers Meeting Saint Mother Teresa
  • Chapter: A Renewed Spirit
  • Advancing the PHJC Charism through Volunteerism
  • CARA Study Report on the Associate-Religious Relationship
  • General Leadership Visits the United States
  • In Memory
  • Mother and Daughter Share the Love of Crafting
  • Golden Jubilee
  • Refugee Summit Addresses Challenges of Immigrants
  • Mississippi Moves the Heart

Word Gathering (Fall 2016)

Wednesday, 16 November 2016 16:31


  • Ancilla Blessing / Naming Ceremony for Second Resident Hall Brings Crowd
  • Meet Adam Thada, Our New Director of Ecological Relationships
  • 17th Annual Walk for STH
  • A Partnership, and Friendships Blossom
  • Cemetery Crew Practices Seventh Corporal Work of Mercy
  • The HEALing Continues
  • PHJC Volunteer Program
  • Reflections of Restoration
  • Fairytales Do Come True: 14th Annual Nazareth Home Gala
  • Sister Elvia: Perpetual Profession as a Poor Handmaid of Jesus Christ
  • Back to Community Care
  • PHJCs Welcome an Affiliate
  • "Music to Memory" Comes to Catherine Kasper Home through Eagle Scout Project
  • Caught in the Whirlwind of the Spirit
  • Coming Home to Northwest Indiana - Schedule of Events

Saint Katharina's Calendar Club is the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ monthly giving program. Members of Katharina’s Calendar Club are those who have chosen to support the ministries of the Poor Handmaids with their ongoing monthly donations. These monthly donations help children in Mexico receive a meal at a soup kitchen; help with medical care for those who cannot afford treatment at a hospital in Africa and help serve those in need in the United States. Through the generosity of these monthly donations, members help care for our retired Sisters, tutor and educate young people, help single mothers gain skills in order to support their families and much, much more.

These ongoing donations help bring God’s compassion and care to many others. Each month we can count on these gifts to help carry on the mission of the Poor Handmaids. And for each gift, we are grateful.

If you would like information on monthly giving to Katharina’s Calendar Club, please contact Alicia Hammonds, Donor Relations Officer, at (574) 935-1725 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Gifts may be made through the mail or by automatic credit card deduction. Members receive a Katharina’s Calendar Club Certificate, giving envelopes to be used throughout the year, and a calendar of photos taken by Sister Marguerite Niesen, PHJC, from the grounds at The Center at Donaldson.

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