Values in Action

Values in Action

The Joy Is In The Journey

Wednesday, 15 June 2011 10:41

Diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma of the right breast (an aggressive form of breast cancer), the doctors told Sister Judian Breitenbach that without immediate surgery and radiation, she would die. That was over five years ago. Today, sitting on the couch at the Namaste Center in LaPorte, Indiana, she explains why she decided to forgo western medicine, decline surgery, and take an alternative approach to her healing.

Terri Roberts, RN, Faculty and Clinical Instructor for the University and Loaine Hagerty, Foundation's Community Initiatives Manager who oversees the Healthy Homes program.

The University of Saint Francis (USF) awarded the St. Joseph Community Health Foundation the "EXCELLENCE IN SERVICE ENGAGEMENT" award for their work with the Allen County Health Homes Program.

Sister Peg Spindler, CSA, Executive Director of Sojourner Truth House

Congratulations to Sister Peg Spindler, CSA, Executive Director of Sojourner Truth House! She received an award during a Mother's Day program honoring local leaders of domestic abuse shelters.

Lettuce growing

There’s a new enterprise sprouting at the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ Ministry Center. The goal of the initiative is to provide fresh vegetables to the Ministry Center's Kitchens year-round. The assortment will focus on those vegetables that are eaten raw or lightly cooked, to maximize the benefits of fresh taste, aroma, texture and nutrition.

The Atlanta REACH Convocation Presentation

Thursday, 17 March 2011 20:00

Raquel Castro, director of Alcance and Susan Pound, Project Consultant pictured with the Surgeon General Vice Admiral Regina M. Benjamin, MD, MBA holding the poster used for the presentation.

Raquel Castro and Sr. Margaret Anne Henss, PHJC attended the annual REACH U.S. Technical Assistance Workshop in Atlanta, GA. on March 9-11, 2011 They were one of four presenters at the conference highlighting the REACH/Alcance program in Lake County.

Earthworks – Education through Experience

Monday, 31 January 2011 08:23

Sister Sue Rogers, director of Earthworks, stirred the delicious smelling lentil soup she was preparing for market. The warm building beckoned me welcome, its hardwood floors and thick walls offering protection from January’s blustery wind. My tour of Earthworks ministry started with a history lesson.

Earthworks began in an old farmhouse many years ago on the shores of Lake Gilbraith. An outer shell was added for insulation, thickening the walls and making all the windowsills deep. It gives the place a cob house or hobbit-like feel.

As the ministry evolved, the house was remodeled, expanded and a deck was added to the back for an outdoor classroom. The aging farm was repurposed, becoming a beautiful teaching facility for children and adults. Earthworks is located at the PHJC Ministry Center in Donaldson, Indiana and is sponsored by the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ. The ministry is lead by a dedicated and talented board of directors that add energy and vitality to the Earthworks’ mission. Sister Sue Rogers is a seasoned teacher that keeps the ministry focused on education.

Mission Outreach sends shipment to Kenya

Sunday, 19 December 2010 19:00

Mission Outreach, a humanitarian effort of the Hospital Sisters of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis in Springfield, recently sent off its 200th container of donated medical supplies and equipment.

The container was sponsored by the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ for the St. Ann Mission Hospital in Meru, Kenya. On hand to celebrate the sending off of the supplies were Poor Handmaids, Sister Jolise May and Sister Mary Jo Shingler.

Sister Jolise, who is general superior of the order and resides in Germany, took a few minutes to talk with the group of volunteers who had come in to help load the shipment. She explained that the Poor Handmaids have been in Kenya for a little over 15 years.

Aye Ma, Community Health Educator, acts as an interpreter for Cindy Barger, Parkview Speech Therapist, who is working to improve the communication skills of two local Burmese children at the Neighborhood Action Center located in Autumn Woods Apartments.

Interventions Research Project tests effectiveness of diagnostic and treatment programs on local Burmese children with minimal English language skills and diverse cultural norms

Since 2004, the Foundation has co-sponsored with the Allen County Dept. of Health, a local lead poisoning prevention-healthy homes program. As a part of this program, various research projects have been launched in the past six years to assure that the most effective diagnostic and treatment programs are offered to local residents. This current research project is one more example.