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Word Gathering

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Word Gathering is a newsletter published quarterly by the American Province of the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ. The newsletter highlights the Poor Handmaid Sisters and ministries.


Associating newsletter is published for the Associate Community of the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ. The quarterly newsletter offers Associates and Sisters regular features and keeps them in touch with news and events.

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Associating News (Winter 2013)

Tuesday, 10 December 2013 10:27

In This Issue:

  • Associates Celebrate Gathering XI and 30th Anniversary
  • Jan Macey Keeps Things Running Smoothly
  • Update from East One
  • In Memory of Our Sister
  • Listening to God's Call: Catherine Kasper Vocation Center in Mexico
  • Associate John Powen - Did you Know?
  • South Region Associate Welcome Rita Heimann
  • Upcoming 2014 MoonTree Studios Experiences

Word Gathering (Winter 2013)

Tuesday, 10 December 2013 00:00


In this issue:

  • New Board Member Reflects on Involvement with Sojourner Truth House
  • The Associate Community Celebrates 30 Years
  • Ancilla Alumni Visits Poor Handmaids in Mexico
  • Poor Handmaids Culminate Their Celebration of 25 Years of Presence in Mexico
  • Fall Fundraising Events
  • Choosing Compassion: The Paradox of Power
  • Earthworks First Annual Farm to Fork Dinner
  • "Little Boy Blue" - Part One
  • Tree Planted in Honor of Dr. Otis Bowen
  • Then... and Now... and Everything in Between
  • Catherine Kasper Life Center Recognized for Outstanding Resident Satisfaction
  • Hands that Serve, Hearts that Care
  • Photo Gallery: MoonTree Studios 2013
  • LARE Grant for Lake Galbraith
  • Poor Handmaid Ministries Continue to Serrve in Fort Wayne
  • Sr. Henrietta Okeke Professes Perpetual Vows
  • Notes from Our Readers
  • Sojourner Truth House Board Member Recognized
  • In Memory of Our Sister

Word Gathering (Fall 2013)

Tuesday, 24 September 2013 00:00
    In this issue
  • A Letter from the Editor
  • 11th Annual Nazareth Home Gala: Come… Dine… Celebrate 20 Years of Miracles!
  • Fiat Spiritus Community Celebrates the Vows of a New Member
  • The Sisters, Their “Children” and Meaningful Years: Looking Back at Angel Guardian Orphanage
  • An Update from Casa Catalina de Mexico
  • Photo Gallery: Formation in Mexico
  • Reflections on Rome and Dernbach Journey
  • A Great Success! The 14th Annual Walk for Sojourner Truth House
  • “I came back to say thank you…”
  • Students Work to Support Boys in Kenya and Form Bond with a Special Sister
  • Sister Michelle Dermody Supports Operation Quiet Comfort
  • SJCHF: A Look at the Super Shot Program
  • Respecting, Preserving and Protecting All of Creation
  • In Memory of Our Sister and Associates
  • “We Let the Poor Evangelize Us…”
  • 2013 Word Gathering Survey
  • An Exciting Update – New Foster Mother

Associating News (Fall 2013)

Thursday, 05 September 2013 00:00
    In this issue:
  • 90th Anniversary of The Center at Donaldson
  • Meet Our Newest Associates
  • One Amazing Associate
  • MoonTree Studios Presents Dinner Theater: Death of a Doornail by Lee Mueller
  • Celebrating the Milestones of Sister Julienne
  • Celebrating Our 2013 Associate Anniversaries
  • The Associate Community Turns 30 at Gathering XI!
  • Timeline Tales — Angel Guardian Orphanage
  • Please Remember in Prayer
  • Letters from You
  • In Memory of Our Associates and Sister
  • Upcoming Events
  • Directory Updates
  • Donate Used Books, Records, CDs and DVDs
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