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Word Gathering

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Word Gathering is a newsletter published quarterly by the American Province of the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ. The newsletter highlights the Poor Handmaid Sisters and ministries.


Associating newsletter is published for the Associate Community of the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ. The quarterly newsletter offers Associates and Sisters regular features and keeps them in touch with news and events.

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Word Gathering (Spring 2015)

Wednesday, 11 March 2015 00:00


  • Bowen Fund Reception
  • A Legacy of Faith and Family
  • My Friendship with Sister Mary Baird, PHJC
  • Upcoming Events at MoonTree Studios
  • Conversations That Save Lives
  • Celebrating the Year of Consecrated Life
  • Through the Magnifying Glass
  • Poor Handmaid Volunteer Program Update
  • The Halls Are Alive at The Center at Donaldson
  • An Update from Nazareth Home
  • Nursing Instructor Beth Bailey Serves in Haiti
  • Fracking: The Facts You Need to Know
  • Coming Home to Mishawaka • South Bend Schedule of Events
  • Caring Place – Widening Perspectives
  • In Memory of Our Sisters


Associating News Spring 2015

Friday, 13 February 2015 00:00


  • Quincy Welcomes Newest Associate – Greg Schoenekase
  • Coming Soon…Companions on the Journey
  • Recommitment 2015
  • Lindenwood Retreat Offerings
  • PHJC Volunteer Program Update
  • In Memory of Our Sisters
  • MoonTree Studios Special Event – Praying with Imagination: The St. John’s Bible Experience
  • John XXIII Retreat Center Retreats and Activities
  • Timeline Tales
  • Directory Updates
  • Coming Home to Mishawaka • South Bend Schedule of Events

Word Gathering (Winter 2014)

Thursday, 11 December 2014 00:00


  • Sister Peg – Overall Influential Woman of the Year
  • Food Pantry and its Director Are Rooted in Back of the Yards
  • The Joy of Celebrating My Final Vows
  • Co-workers Visit the Poor Handmaids’ Roots
  • Generational Opportunities Abound
  • Embrace the Bigger Picture: 2014 Catherine Kasper Award Winner
  • Sister Power Fuels Volleyball Spirit
  • An Update from Catherine Kasper Home – Meet Their New Therapy Dog
  • Photo Gallery: 2014 Harvest Dance
  • “Yeah, we need to talk about this…”
  • PHJC Coming Home to Fort Wayne • Hessen Cassel
  • The Biggest Family in Belleville
  • Ancilla Soccer Best in School History
  • Ancilla College Hosted 2nd Annual Changing Lives Scholarship Dinner
  • An Update from the Development Office
  • Lindenwood’s Bookstore – Something New!
  • Stopping the Cycle of Violence
  • Living the Values – Ice Bucket Challenge for Autism Speaks
  • Photo Gallery: Memorial Concert – Honoring Mary Lou McCarthy-Artz


Associating News Winter 2014

Thursday, 11 December 2014 00:00


  • North Region Welcomes Nine New Associates
  • Recommitment 2015
  • Meet Our New Associates
  • Poor Handmaids Coming Home to Fort Wayne/Hessen Cassel
  • Photo Gallery: Coming Home to Fort Wayne/Hessen Cassel
  • MoonTree Studios and Gallery Invites You
  • Upcoming Events at John XXIII Retreat Center
  • The First Pioneer Sisters of the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ in the United States of America

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