The Earthworks $5.00 Slow Food Challenge

Monday, 03 October 2011

The Earthworks five dollar slow food challenge

Earthworks Market joined the nation on September 17 in the Slow Food USA $5 Challenge. Hundreds of nearby residents enjoyed a buffet of natural, whole grain, expertly prepared dishes of delectable taste sensations.

Sr. Sue Rogers, RSCJ, Director of the new Earthworks Market at 701 E. Jefferson Street in Plymouth, felt the national challenge was exactly in line with the values of the market, “Food that’s good for you, good for farmers, and good for the planet.”

  The Slow Food Challenge Buffet Line

The $5.00 all you can eat buffet gave the community a chance to try dishes that may take a bit longer to prepare but are absolutely packed with flavor. Fresh, locally grown vegetables, herbs and meat were combined in a variety of hot and cold entrees. Warning! You WILL get hungry…

Whole foods on the Earthworks Slow Food Buffet menu included:

Ancilla Beef and Noodles - Natural Ancilla beef and Amish Noodles

Sausage and Peppers - Local pork sausage, multicolored peppers and fresh spinach

Rigatoni with Amatriciana Sauce – Local tomatoes and basil simmered for hours to produce a rich, aromatic sauce

Brown Rice with Oranges and Raisins – All the nutrients with a fruity flavor

Potato Salad with MintPotato Salad with Mint - Mint, Red Onions and Olive Oil dress this unusual salad

Made from Scratch Pizza - Oh yes! Healthy food that tastes so good.

Quinoa Salad -Whole grain with local fresh vegetables and Middle Eastern seasoning

Tuscan Late Harvest Celebration Dish – Beautiful color, local vegetables 

Oven Roasted Veggies with Soft Polenta -Local veggies and artisan cheese

Pasta with Olives, Raisins, Nuts and a hint of Anchovy - A sweet then salty Sicilian delight

Squash and Sausage - Spicy sausage and cushaw squash combine to create a colorful and flavorful dish.

Earthworks Multigrain Bread - Fresh bread baked daily.

Earthworks Panna Cotta DessertThree desserts topped off the meal, Lemon Lush, Apple Pie and Panna Cotta with Peach Puree

The event was educational and the food was amazing. Slow food beats fast food hands down!

Earthworks Market carries many of the ingredients served on the buffet. The staff is knowledgeable in the methods of slow food preparation and can assist you with your selections.

Visit Earthworks website at  Earthworks is a ministry sponsored by the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ.