PNC Helps fund Little Plumbs

Monday, 30 January 2012

PNC helps to fund the Little Plumb program

The St. Joseph Community Health Foundation and the Allen County Department of Health through their co-sponsored “Lead Poisoning Prevention & Healthy Homes Program,” received a $27,000 grant from PNC Foundation to fund Turnstone's “Little Plumbs” program. This program, created with input from the Healthy Homes staff, helps pre-school children afflicted with lead poisoning receive specialized speech therapy, occupational therapy, early childhood education, and nutritional snacks and meals to prepare them to successfully enter school.

ABOUT LEAD POISONING: Lead Poisoning, also know as "plumbism," is serious in young children since their brain is still developing. This heavy metal poisoning can cause learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, anti-social behavior and result in lower IQ. Increased levels of lead over a period of time can also permanently damage the central nervous system of children. At high doses, lead poisoning can lead to kidney damage and even death. As many as 7,000 children in Allen County Indiana are at risk for lead poisoning.

TURNSTONE: Turnstone's mission is to provide therapeutic, educational, wellness and recreational programs to empower people with disabilities by maximizing their independence.