Happy 200th birthday!

Friday, 20 March 2020

May 26, 2020

Dear Saint Katharina,

Happy 200th birthday from all your Sisters in the United States! We hope that you are having a great celebration in heaven with the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ that are with you.

Thank you for having the vision and courage to make our congregation possible. Your example of listening to the voice within still lives within each of us today. We appreciate the trust that you had in the Spirit by taking the necessary steps to begin our Community.

Many of us were able to be in Rome and Germany to celebrate your canonization as a Saint. We felt that you were with us on every step of the pilgrimage. That trip was also an opportunity for us to be united with our Sisters in the nine countries where we are represented. We are sure that you never dreamed that in 1842, when you started the Pious Society, that it would spread to so many countries. Your spirit and charism that you gifted us with, lives on in each of us, and in all who follow the PHJC charism.

We know that you never had an opportunity to visit the United States, but we cherish the many letters that you wrote to the Sisters here. Through these letters we still experience your love and care for each one of us. Your wisdom and your simplicity still mentor us today.

All of us are so proud of you and what you began, by listening to the voice within. We ask that you continue to intercede for us, so that we may follow your spirit and share it with those who are most in need today. Give us your attentive ear and courageous heart to respond to God’s will for us today. Our world needs Handmaids like you today to continue God’s mission here on earth. Help us to be humble as you were, so that God can work through us.

Enjoy your special day and know that we each send you our love and gratitude.


Your American Sisters