This is why we walk

Thursday, 26 April 2012


Recipients of Sojourner Truth House services are deeply thankful for even the small things that we take for granted.

Cassandra* (not her real name) never had a birth certificate. Without one, she couldn't get a driver's license, she couldn't vote, she couldn't get a social security card, she couldn't open a bank account, and she wasn't able to obtain a real job.

She couldn't even prove she was who she said she was. She was a woman without a legal identity. When she came to Sojourner Truth House, she was desperate for help. Working together, providing the tools and information she needed, Cassandra was finally able to receive her birth certificate. Not only that, but shortly afterward she obtained her first driver's license.

With tears in her eyes and a voice full of emotion, she told us, "Now I finally feel whole!" It is stories like this that remind us why we walk for Sojourner Truth House.

What is ordinary to most of us is a great blessing to women who are struggling through difficult financial and emotional circumstances. Your participation in the STH Walk on May 5th brings help, dignity and compassion to the hundreds of women and children that pass through the doors of Sojourner Truth House every month. Thank you for joining us, and if you haven't yet registered, there is still time.