St. Michael's Youth Partners with the PHJC Ministry Center

Thursday, 05 July 2012

“We are God’s hands”  the groups motto, says it all.

Thirteen young adults from the St. Michael’s High School Youth Group participated in a service project at the PHJC Ministry Center on July 1.

This is the fourth year that the Youth Group participated in a mission trip to help others. However, this year was a little different. Instead of traveling to another state, they decided to find local projects. The PHJC Ministry Center was a lucky recipient of their service. The group cleaned and scrubbed statues and benches to remove years of dirt.

As they cleaned the statues of saints, Sister Linda Volk, PHJC and Sister Roberta Christianson, PHJC talked about the saint and provided history on each of the statues.

Because of the weather, plans were altered. The group had planned to cook-out at the Ministry Center but had to eat elsewhere. They came back for a 7:00 p.m. Mass in the Ancilla Domini Chapel with Father Kummer.

Sr. Roberta Christianson and Sr. Linda Volk speak to the youth group.When asked why she gave up part of her summer to volunteer, Jennifer Sibal stated, “I really like helping people. I like working with the youth group kids and getting to know them better. It is great to give back to the community. You start to realize how much other people have done for you and getting to serve something greater than yourself is just a good way to give back and be thankful.”

This group has taken mission trips to Virginia, Ohio and Michigan where they have volunteered in a number of ways: painting and putting in a new floors in an elderly person’s home, helping to rebuild a church, working in Neighborhood Centers, working with special needs children and adults, recycling TVs and computers so they do not end up in land fills, and helping in nursing homes.

When speaking of her trip to Virginia, Meagan Barron said, “It was crazy to see the different lifestyles that we have compared to some people. We have so much compared to others, and that is in our own country. It was a humbling experience.”

After enjoying time with the Youth Group, Sister Roberta Christianson couldn’t say enough about how great they were. She told them, “You are such a good example by what you do, and in the spirit in which you do it.”

The group’s motto, “We are God’s hands” says it all.