St. Thomas the Apostle Faculty & Staff Experience Spiritual Renewal

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Visiting the greenhouses that provides fresh food for the Ministry Center | Photo by Cecily Fultz

The staff and faculty of St. Thomas the Apostle School (STA) in Chicago held a spiritual retreat at the PHJC Ministry Center. Cecily Fultz the Marketing and Development Director for the school writes, “STA educators attend spiritual retreats that provide nourishment for their souls. Our teachers and staff were fortunate to spend one of the last days of school with the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ.”

During the retreat, the staff and faculty toured:

The beautiful Ministry Center grounds
MoonTree Studios and Lodge
Ancilla Domini Chapel and Blessed Catherine Kasper Shrine
Ministry Center Greenhouses

Learning about Blessed Catherine Kasper | photo by Cecily FultzAncilla Domini Chapel, a beautiful place to pray | photo by Cecily Fultz 

To find out more about retreats, visit Lindenwood Retreat and Conference Center under the above “What We Do” menu.