Annual Drawing for Ancilla Mission Club

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Ancilla Mission Club

The annual drawing of the Ancilla Mission Club raises funds to support the needy not only in America, but also throughout the world. Proceeds from the drawing are used to assist homeless women and children; to care for infants and toddlers suffering from medical and social compromising situations and to provide ecology programs for children and adults as well as providing natural, earth-friendly products. Internationally, the funds help maintain soup kitchens, provide medical care, and conduct a school for children who, due to poverty, are not able to attend regular schools. The proceeds are used to care for children of the street, to teach skills to indigenous women so they can provide for their families and to build orphanages for the abandoned children of the street.

Over the last 6 years, the Ancilla Mission Club has been able to donate more than $100,000 to Poor Handmaid ministries and other PHJC-related organizations, including:

Africa Ministries
Ancilla College
Bethany Retreat House
Brazil Ministries
Casa de Esperanza
Catherine Kasper Life Center
Fiat Spiritus Community
India Ministries
John XXIII Retreat Center
Kitchen Table
Lindenwood Center
Mexico Ministries
MoonTree Studios
Nazareth Home
PHJC Associate Community
Sojourner Truth House
PHJC Congregation


These ministries not only focus on the elderly, the hungry, the homeless and abused and neglected children, but also those in such diverse areas as education, spiritual enrichment, the arts, the environment, youth programs and so much more. Support of the Ancilla Mission Club is a catalyst for continued service and care.

The following were winners in the 2016 drawing. Congratulations!

Ed Barbier
Rita Barenie
Sharon Barnett
Gervaise Bastian
Steve and Frances Beres
Donna Biller
Joe and Margaret Blaies
Catherine's Cottage
Marybeth Curl
Sr. Michele Dvorak
Juliana Elfrink
John Farrell
Sr. Sharon Marie Fox
Robert Gehring
Mark Gramlich
Fran Grebel
Dolores Grizzell
Janet Hatfield
Kathleen Hayes
Irwin Henry
Rose Husmann
Judy Jacoby
Don James
Tom Kania
David Klen
Sharon Kyle
Rob Lingenfelter
Peny Mathews
Wayne and Mary Mithcell
Toni Mola
Susan Niedospial
Gerald Niesen
Carl and Margaret Norris
Stanley Oboy
Ed Pasko
Anthony Philbin
Patricia Pierpont
Pauline Pierson
Bernadette Pohlmann
Diane Reitter
Kate Renshaw
Vicki Riley
Carol and Henry Schuberth
Mira Sedlacek
Pauline Steffens
Concetta Volante
Jim and MaryAnn Wells
Mary Whitcraft