Where would you be without Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ Sisters?

Where would you be without our Sisters? How did they influence your life? Many of us have had our lives touched by a Sister. Whether it was at school by a teacher, a nurse that held you when you were born or a warm hug at night at one of the many orphanages. Hundreds of young women became Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ and influenced thousands of people, just like you.

Today, the congregation is alive and growing. Young women all over the world are working alongside Poor Handmaids to educate children, to minister to the sick, to visit the elderly and to provide shelter to young children and others who are homeless. These remarkable young women have felt a deep desire to follow in the footsteps of our Sisters, to give the same love and compassion to others, and to touch lives the same way yours has been touched.

Sister Raimunda of Brazil began reading at the age of seven – she read her father’s Bible. “While reading the story of Jesus, I began to feel a desire to do something for the needy people as Jesus did.” She lived with the Poor Handmaids in their boarding school for seven years and later asked the Sisters to join the congregation. As Sister Raimunda continues in formation to become a Poor Handmaid, she says her favorite part of being a Sister is the “relentless pursuit for simplicity and humility. It is also having the opportunity to be closer to the people, the poor and needy, and thus somehow finding a way of helping them.”

The Poor Handmaids continue to support these young women by offering housing, educational opportunities and daily living expenses as well as spiritual guidance and community life. When the congregation was founded in 1851 they never dreamed that 150 years later their mission would still be alive and growing as it is today. Living lives of simplicity and putting others before self, the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ congregation is alive internationally with many American Sisters involved in worldwide ministries. For more information about the Poor Handmaids, or to make a donation, please visit www.poorhandmaids.org.

My Journey to Become a Poor Handmaid...

By Sister Amalia Conde Domínguez, PHJC

Eight years have passed since my first vows; when I pronounced them, I did it for my whole life. I still remember that very special day, when one person said to me, “These are the first vows; they don’t count.” I responded, “Of course they count, without the first vows, we can’t make the final vows.”

Time passed quickly. During this period of going forward, there were many trials, difficulties and joys, all of this in order to reach one of my goals: to give myself completely to God through my “yes,” like the Virgin Mary did, a yes from the heart and with conviction. And the journey continues; it doesn’t stop here.

Many thanks for all your support and prayers. May our Lord continue filling you with blessings. It is a great honor to be a Poor Handmaid of Jesus Christ.

To read the full story of Sister Amalia, visit www.poorhandmaids.org/sister.

Your gift today helps to ensure the continued growth of the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ. You can help by sponsoring these young women to assist with the cost of their housing, education and daily living expenses. You will also help them to carry out the mission of educating children, ministering to the sick, visiting the elderly and providing shelter to young children and others who are homeless.

There are 110 young women in various stages of the Formation process all over the world. The average cost to support a Sister in Formation is:

Where would you be without our Sisters? Your gift can have such an impact, not only on the lives of these young women but on the people they serve. If you are able, please give today to help support these future Poor Handmaids.


Sister Judith Diltz, PHJC Provincial