National Moment of Silence

Friday, 21 December 2012


In the wake of the violent deaths in Newtown, CT, the bells at the PHJC Ministry Center tolled during a national moment of silence. The day included additional observations around the world and the PHJC Ministry Center held a special service today to pray for peace.

Today we join with the nation in grief and despair. We grieve the loss of these lives; we despair over the violent culture that allows such atrocities. We gather to pray…to create waves of peace…here and across this planet…a tsunami of peace to soothe and quiet the waves of violence that seem to overwhelm us.

In the darkness of tragedy and violence, we here at the PHJC Ministry Center work and hope for a spirit of peace to be born anew into our hearts and our world. (Taken from 8th Day Center for Justice and LCWR National Office)