Zowie... A New Neighbor

Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Who we are is defined somewhat by where we live. Emotional attachments to our neighborhoods are understandable because neighborhoods are where we put down our roots.

One of the things MoonTree Community’s early Focus Groups said repeatedly, prior to the razing of old MoonTree Lodge, was “save the ambience of the place.” Consequently, the new MoonTree Lodge architecture has a gabled barnlike appearance with timber-framed interior.

And, the neighborhood is changing.

    There’s a new village on the horizon. Think of any city...houses of various types and peoples of various stripes that have:
  • Archetypal architecture, something that affects you deeply--think PHJC Motherhouse, a barn.
  • Annual events-- Tri-Ancilla Triathlon, Earthworks open house, Solstice Blessings
  • Common eating area--dining areas , kitchens, picnic tables
  • Public square --Peace & Prayer Gardens, pergola
  • Places to get what you need--Central Receiving Services building, Ancilla Beef & Grain Farm, Earthworks, art studios, cafeteria
  • School or college--Ancilla College, MoonTree Studios
  • Diversity of ages and cultures--think with eyes open.

We have a neighborhood at the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ Ministry Center. We invest in it in many ways. We work, we study, we pray, we even purchase within our Ministry Center circle.

MoonTree enters to be an integral part of this circle of services.

Next thought - think of these entities as world citizens of a local neighborhood!