Catherine Kasper Life Center


Catherine Kasper Life Center - Overview

The Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ have made the decision to close CKLC as it currently operates. This decision has been made after a very long, difficult discernment process. The anticipated closing date is March 31, 2023. We will be gathering more information in the coming weeks on the specific details on how we will support the residents and their families with resident-specific discharge planning. We will update this FAQ document when new information is known.

Why did the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ decide to close Catherine Kasper Life Center (CKLC)?

Many factors have made it impossible for small, stand-alone rural based skilled nursing facilities to be sustainable. Many attempts were made to have CKLC join a larger organization. All the attempts have failed and now COVID-related challenges have made it increasingly difficult for CKLC to safely operate. Some of these challenges include labor shortages, census shortfalls, and overall higher costs without increased income sources.

Will CKLC continue to admit new residents?
CKH will stop admitting long-term care residents. CKH will accept short term rehab residents if regulations allow. Maria Center is currently at 100% occupancy; therefore, it’s assumed there will be no new residents at this time.

What parts of CKLC will cease to operate?
CKLC as a Continuum Care Retirement Community will cease operations after all residents are safely discharged from CKH, which will be no later than March 31, 2023. Maria Center, currently operated as an independent living community, will continue under a newly formed corporation. Catherine’s Cottage will be a convent under the Ancilla Domini Sisters, Inc (ADS) corporation.

How will the residents and their families be notified of the discharge planning?
CKLC’s management team will be working with multiple agencies to provide resident-specific discharge planning and comply with all related regulations. We have chosen the targeted close date for CKH as March 31, 2023, to provide enough time for this discharge process. We will work together on an individualized basis with each resident and their families.

What will happen to the CKH coworkers?

All the CKH coworkers will be offered severance/stay put financial packages. They must stay until CKH has safely discharged all residents to receive this severance/stay-put bonus. It is critical we have enough staff to safely care for CKH’s residents through this process.

Will the PHJCs close other ministries?

Ancilla Domini Sisters (ADS) staff will not be impacted by the CKLC closure. The PHJCs have no plans to close any other ministries.

Catherine Kasper Home (CKH) Residents and Families

When will residents be discharged from CKH?

We will be developing a closure plan and it will be submitted to the state of Indiana for approval. Once this is accomplished, we will be able to provide more details on the timing of the discharges. We anticipate this closure plan being completed and submitted to the state by the end of November 2022.

I was just admitted for rehab – can I finish the rehab at CKH?

Yes. For any further questions regarding your rehab, please contact CKH.

How will I find a new skilled nursing facility?

CKH staff will be contacting other Skilled Nursing Facilities in the community and assisting with discharge planning. Once the CKH closure plan is approved by the state of Indiana, we will provide more details on the discharge planning process.

Will CKH continue to operate as it does today?

Yes. Except for new admissions for long term care residents, which will cease immediately.

Maria Center (MC) Residents and Families

How much longer will Maria Center remain open?

A new corporation will be established for the Maria Center operations. The new Maria Center corporation will be for Independent Living with Personal Care Services. Maria Center will no longer be part of a Continuum Care Retirement Community (CCRC) after March 31, 2023. It’s anticipated the new corporation will be established no later than March 31, 2023. It is our intention to assist MC residents to age in place if possible.